Standard vs Premium Sites

The following table shows the features included in each version of UpFront.  All prices shown exclude GST and are in New Zealand dollars.

Feature UpFront Standard UpFront Premium
Disk Space available 10Mb 50Mb
External Hosting available No Yes
ClubHub Integration Yes Yes
Multiple Users No Yes
User Permissions No Yes
Standard Editing Yes Yes
Advanced Editing No Yes
CSS editing No Yes
Google Analytics No Yes
Cost per month $32 $54

(see below for an explanation of these features).


Additional Services

Domain name re-registration:

  • 1 year - $49.90 per year
  • 2 years - 79.90 per year

Google Analytics tracking setup - $60.00 per year

Website design or maintenance - $80.00 per hour


Features explained

Disk Space - This is the server space required for the images and documents that make up your website.

External Hosting available - UpFront Premium users can host their UpFront website externally under their own domain name.  UpFront Hosting is available for no additional cost to all Premium users and includes:
•    50Mb disk space
•    Up to 50 email forwarding aliases (i.e.
•    Domain and DNS management

ClubHub Integration - Seamless integration with ClubHub for access to the membership management database.  Player profiles from the membership database can be dynamically streamed onto website pages.

Multiple Users - More than one user can be setup to  edit the site.

User Permissions - Users can be restricted to certain pages and cannot edit layout, only general page content.

Standard Editing - General site layout is fixed, but user can choose from 3 column width settings, and can change text colours. User can also change background colours of main column, left and right columns and page header.

Advanced Editing - As above, but user can also choose different page layouts and navigation bar positions.  Users can also have a different header image on each page, and have more control over peripheral background colours.

CSS Editing - Essentially a fully customisable website layout – experts only

Google Analytics - Track site visitors and page views with Google’s comprehensive website stats tool. Setup requires insertion of new code in your website and creation of a monthly stats report for emailing.

Domain name registration - If you don’t yet have a domain name, we can register one for you.  If you already have a domain name, we can take over the management of it for you and will just pass on the annual re-registration cost.

Design/maintenance services - Looking for an extra special website for your organisation?  Take advantage of our in-house web development and design expertise to provide your layout, and then you can take over day to day management of page content.