UpFront FAQ's

How easy is it to post our own updates and news items?

With ClubHub UpFront you just enter the information much as you would in a Word document and a series of easy prompts ensures the content is automatically formatted and posted where you want it on the site.


How much of the page can I change?

To customise the site for your own club you can change the colours, the text and the colour of the text, as well as adding images or logos wherever you want.


What about complex stuff like adding new pages/photo galleries?

Complex no more – you simply use the template that is provided and all of the hard work is done. All you need to do then is add your own content. You can easily add photo galleries to your site in much the same way – all the fiddly stuff is done in the background.


What if I want support?

We are here to support you – just send us an email and we will be in touch to assist quickly.


What if I get stuck?

We are here to support you - just send us an email explaining what you are having trouble with and we will do our very best to assist.


What do you mean, “No unwanted advertising”?

Exactly that. Other websites make money by selling advertising space on your webpages. With ClubHub UpFront you decide if you want to carry advertising – and keep any money you make.


How can it be so cheap?

We believe that every club should have access to a website that club officers can update directly.  Drawing on our expertise in this area we have developed a Content Management System and website hosting that we are happy to provide for a low monthly fee, with standard or premium options depending on the size and features you require.